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Office Carpet Cleaning

With over 20 years experience we understand the needs and are equipped to handle any size job.

Commercial cleaning includes a free no obligation site visit in order to provide an accurate price quote. Our IICRC certified carpet cleaning technician will perform an on-site inspection of the areas or items you would like to have cleaned so that we can provide an accurate price quote for your unique cleaning needs.

Real Estate Carpet Cleaning Services

Chemdry Commercial Carpet Cleaning provides carpet cleaning &amp upholstery and commercial property management services to companies including real estate agents.

We know how challenging working with different contractors can be for your property management team. That is why we strive to ensure clear lines of communication and convenient scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule. We are confident that you will be delighted with the service we provide.


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Why Choose Chemdry For Your Commercial Cleaning Needs

Commitment to Quality

What distinguishes Chemdry from other carpet cleaners is our commitment to quality. Our process for commercial carpet cleaning and our substantial investment in the most advanced carpet cleaning equipment enables us to achieve the best possible results when cleaning your carpet. By focusing on quality, we have a high customer retention rate. In fact, over 80 percent of our customers are returning customers or referrals from previous customers.

Qualified Technicians

Quality Commercial Cleaning By a Qualified Team.

Chemdry commitment to quality is the foundation for every job and our knowledgeable carpet cleaning technicians are well aware of this. This is part of our commitment to you. Our technicians will choose the right cleaning product that will leave your carpets fresh, clean and is safe for your family, your pets and your carpets.

Additional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Facts

Your time is valuable to the team at Chemdry Express. We understand that your daily line-up is hectic enough as is, and it’s our mission to schedule your carpet cleaning at a time that suits you. In order to make this possible, we offer commercial work six days a week. You let us know what time is best for you, and we’ll do our best to make that happen.

We also understand that the mere logistics of getting your carpets cleaned can be a scheduling nightmare. For commercial venues that receive a steady throughput of foot traffic, simply managing to get everyone off the carpet and keep them off until the carpet’s dry is a challenge.

And once you’ve managed to cordon off the carpets in question and had them cleaned, you have to wait days for them to dry. That’s simply unacceptable in most venues. 

But with Chemdry, the timing and logistics of commercial carpet cleaning are significantly less of an issue. We offer two key advantages:

  • We can schedule your carpet cleaning at a time when relatively few people would be walking on the carpets to begin with, so clearing them for a cleaning will not be a major issue.
  • Our patented carpet cleaning system uses a one-of-a-kind approach that combines heat and carbonation to break-down dirt embedded in the carpet fibres. This requires much less water than traditional cleaning methods, which means your carpets will be clean and ready to walk on again in one to two hours.

Our carpet cleaners are expertly trained professionals who always arrive according to schedule. If your facilities are in need of professional carpet cleaning, we’ll put our finely tuned system to work for you with minimal interruption to your daily proceedings. Call us on 0401 404 001 to make an appointment.  


Commercial Carpet Cleaning by Chemdry is Good for Your Business

Let’s face it: appearance matters. The cleanliness of your premises will influence how others perceive your organisation – and nothing says poor hygiene like soiled, worn-out carpets. Dirty carpet leaves customers with bad impressions, and they can even contribute to lower workplace morale on behalf of your staff.

But there’s more than the appearance at stake. Here are a few other reasons that a clean carpet is good for your business:

  • Our carpet cleaning process refreshes and restores carpet fibres, leaving them in plush, like-new condition.  

  • Regular carpet cleaning removes more than dirt and soil. It also gets rid of dust, bacteria and allergens – all of which contribute to an overall unhealthy work environment. It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep those carpets clean.

  • Soil, debris and even untreated stains all take a toll on your carpet. Left for a long time, these contaminants will break down and damage the carpet. Regular cleaning will extend the life of your carpet – saving you money down the road in replacement costs.  

Clean carpets contribute to a safer, happier and healthier workplace. Contact Chemdry Express to arrange carpet cleaning for your premises today.