Healthier Living with Chemdry Express

Chemdry is an American brand which is franchised globally and strives to maintain being No. 1 in the carpet cleaning industry. We have been in Australia for over 25 years and have become the largest and most successful carpet cleaning organization in the nation. Others have tried to copy our system and products but none have gotten close to Chemdry in terms of results and satisfaction.

Why choose us?

With Chemdry, carpets are DRIER, CLEANER & HEALTHIER.

The Chemdry process uses a fraction of the water of steam cleaning, leaving behind less moisture on carpets and no soapy residue that can cause stains to return. This means that carpets are dry quickly allowing customers back on their floors within 1-2 hours. For dry carpet cleaning, look no further than Chemdry Express.

Our exclusive products including our main cleaner “The Natural” sets us apart from the competition. Customers are delighted with a Chemdry clean and stay on as life long clients. Some of them have been using us for 25 years.

Common comments we hear from our customers are:
“I didn’t know my carpet was that dirty. It now looks new.” “I noticed the difference as soon as I got home. My whole house looked and smelled fresh.” “I cannot believe how quickly the carpets dried. As soon as he finished the first rooms were already dry.”

Stagnant water breeds bacteria such as mould. Steam cleaning uses high pressure water with a detergent to try and clean carpets. This leaves behind wet underlay and floorboards. Chemdry uses a fraction of the water of steam cleaners and our patented carbonating solution bubbles up to the surface of the carpet bringing the dirt with it. Less water and carbonation equals a much healthier carpet and healthier home.