Start the New Year Right – With a Clean and Healthy Household

The New Year is upon us, and people across Western Australia are laying plans for the coming months. And with so much to look forward to in the time ahead, we thought this would also be a great opportunity to recommend a few ways that our customers can take advantage of our Perth carpet cleaning services in order to create a cleaner, healthier household in the New Year.

Committing to cleaning up the place where you and your family live is probably one of the best New Year’s resolutions that you can make. The problem is that many people simply do not realise how much dirt, dust, bacteria and dust mites are hiding away in their home’s carpets and upholstery. But the fact that people are not aware of these problems doesn’t mean they aren’t affected by them.

With that in mind, we’re going to outline a few ways that you can use our services to make your home a cleaner and healthier place to live.


Clean and Refresh Your Mattress

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, yet it is far too common for this room to receive less attention than it deserves. Consider the fact that most people spend around eight hours sleeping each night. That’s a third of your life! During that time, you’re in constant contact with your mattress – or at least with the top sheet and duvet. And yet, most people rarely (if ever) give their mattress a thorough cleaning. Instead, they simply sleep on it until it is worn out – which could take years – and then purchase another one.



To get an idea of how unsanitary your mattress can become, consider the following facts and statistics:

  • The average person sheds upwards of 10,000 skin cells per day – and a substantial number of these end up mixed in with your mattress fibres.
  • Microscopic dust mites living in your mattress can produce a full 200 times their own body weight in excrement over the course of their lifetime.
  • Dust mites feed on your dead skin, but they can continue to live for up to a year without a food source.
  • Allergens that build up in your mattress can lead to problems such as hay fever or sinus troubles.

Most of the sanitation issues related to your mattress are microscopic in nature, so you won’t necessarily know that it could use a cleaning. But just because you can’t see the dirt, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

ChemDry Express can give your mattress a professional cleaning to sanitise its fibres and clear out the dust mites. We can also follow-up with anti-allergy treatment that will help to eliminate allergic reactions as well as dust-mite-related asthma.

Eliminate Allergens in the House

For those who suffer from allergies, the ongoing struggle can feel more like a battle of attrition. You never feel like you’re operating at 100 per cent, and so you begin to rate your days on a scale that runs from ‘better than usual’ to ‘worse than usual’. You resign yourself to never feeling as well and healthy as you would like.

This is because your body is constantly doing battle with the allergens that are attacking it. There are only two ways to end this struggle:

  1. Suppress the body’s unnecessary immune response to certain allergens
  2. Eliminate the allergens from your environment

Needless to say, controlling the immune system is easier said than done. Fortunately, the team at ChemDry Express can help remove built-up allergens from your home environment. We use an anti-allergen aqueous solution with powerful active ingredients that have been scientifically proven to ward off dust mites – which are one of the leading contributors to in-home allergens.

Best of all, our anti-allergy treatments are environmentally friendly. The chemical agents we use are derived from plant seed extracts and naturally occurring elements found in rocks. Call us today for a consultation and commit yourself to a healthier, allergy-free New Year!

Commit to Only Using Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning in Perth

Most people realize that you can arrange wet or dry Perth carpet cleaning, but few fully understand what really makes these two cleaning methods distinct from one another. In fact, many people assume that dry cleaning your carpets is actually worse for the environment – but the reality is decidedly different.

Wet carpet cleaning is actually a form of steam cleaning that relies on hot water extraction. It makes use of a flat, inactive cleaning solution that contains extremely harsh chemicals. Those chemicals have to be harsh in order to compensate for the relatively ineffective cleaning method.

But Perth carpet dry cleaning uses a carbonating, active solution that contains more environmentally friendly cleaning agents. This method is also more effective than steam cleaning when it comes to removing soil and stains. Better yet, dry cleaning requires significantly shorter drying time, which means you can quickly return to having regular traffic across those freshly cleaned carpets. This is one of the rare cases where the more environmentally friendly option is also more convenient and effective.

Convenience aside, there is one more compelling reason to make the switch from steam cleaning to carpet dry cleaning in Perth. Our city is in the midst of a severe water shortage, and dry cleaning requires the use of significantly less water to get those carpets clean. So if you’re looking for ways to step up and do your part for the environment, consider making it one of your New Year’s resolutions to insist on dry cleaning as the only form of carpet cleaning you’ll rely on this year.

More Reasons to Choose Dry Cleaning Over Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaners extract the dirty water from the carpets but even the best machines can only extract maybe 50% of the dirty water. The remainder of that dirty water is left in the carpet to dry for the next day or so. Therefore the carpets are not really cleaned and sometimes may even stink after a while. It is worse if you are trying to treat pet or human wee, faeces or vomit as the amount of water used by the steam cleaner will cause the stains to be pushed down further into the carpet fabric and underlay.

The extraction method used by steam cleaners is also not good for the carpet as occasional sucking of the water from the carpet will cause the fabric to loosen from the underlay resulting in folds or waves within the carpet material.

Call ChemDry Express to Make Your Home and Carpets Cleaner this Year

This New Year, let ChemDry Express help transform your home into a refuge of health and happiness. Professional carpet cleaning in Perth is our core service offering, but we can also help with sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning and the cleaning of other upholstered furniture.

With our help, the place where you live, sleep and relax will help to keep you healthier and happier throughout the year. Contact our team of professional carpet cleaners today to find out how we can help.