Perth Carpet Dry Cleaning to Undo Damage Caused by Pets

Furry cat lounging on rug before carpet cleaningThe chance to bring a pet into your house is one of life’s greatest gifts. Dogs and cats quickly become part of the family. They’re comforting, loyal and always there when you need them. But unfortunately, training your pet to live with you in the home is a learning curve, and there are always going to be some downsides.

The truth is that our pets bring the dirty outdoors into the house. They also make messes and otherwise find ways to undo your best cleaning efforts – which is why it’s so important to arrange professional carpet dry cleaning from time to time. To illustrate this, consider how many different contaminants a typical house pet can introduce into your home:

  • Dirt: Pets track dirt into our house – plain and simple. The more indoor/outdoor pets you keep, the more dust and dirt is going to be transferred to your floors and carpets
  • Urine and Faeces: There’s nothing worse than finding pet waste in the house. And stains are the least of your problems, as there are tens of millions of coliform bacteria found in even a single gram of pet waste.
  • Saliva: Harmless as it seems, your pet’s saliva is loaded with bacteria. A standard sample can include 20 distinct species of bacteria – if not more.
  • Pet Dander: Upwards of one out of ten people is allergic to animals, and pet dander is the most common culprit.
  • Fleas and Ticks: At minimum, fleas and ticks in your house are an irritation and a nuisance; but some species of ticks carry pathogens that are extremely dangerous for humans, as well.

How Pet Dirt and Waste Can Harm Your Home

Golden lab dog shedding hair on carpet

Over time, the contaminants and dirt that pets bring into your home will take their toll, and all the more so in homes with carpets. Carpet harbours enough contaminants as it is – with one square metre containing several kilograms of dust and dirt and upwards of 100,000 dust mites in the worst cases.

But this problem is amplified when you have one or more pets in the house. Take pet urine as an example. Urine is capable of penetrating deeply into carpet fibres, soaking through to the backing of the carpet and even the underlying flooring. Furthermore, dried pet urine results in crystals that are more concentrated and pungent. Accidents do happen, but the odours that they create originate from deep within the carpeted flooring.

The smell of pet urine is unpleasant, and it can also harm the fibres in your carpet over time. But our pets bring much more into the house than waste. The allergy-inducing dander and disease-carrying parasites that they bring home are an outright health risk.

Take Advantage of Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Perth

Standard household cleaning simply isn’t enough to completely rid your carpet of the dirt and contaminants introduced by your pet. Fortunately, ChemDry Express offers highly effective carpet dry cleaning in Perth. Our cleaning agents work at the molecular level to break down dirt and contaminants so that they can be safely and effectively removed from your carpet. Contact us today to learn more.


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