Maintaining Your Carpet After a Professional Cleaning

Chemdry’s professional carpet cleaning services will sanitise, deodorise and remove stains from your carpets, reinvigorate the fibres and extend their lifespan, enabling you to keep your carpets looking their best for longer. Nevertheless, it’s still important to take certain measures to maintain your carpets after a professional cleaning by our enthusiastic Perth carpet cleaners.


Remove Spots and Stains Quickly

The longer spots and stains remain on your carpet, the more difficult they become to remove. No matter what the substance is, whether it’s food, coffee or wine, act the moment that anything is dropped or spilled on the carpet and ensure you have the required cleaning materials, like absorbent cloths and bi carb soda, handy. With all food and drink spills, the first step is always to blot the carpet to remove as much of the liquid or substance as you can.

There are 4 main category of stains:

  1. Natural Resource Stains
    There are many ways in which a natural resource can stain your carpets. For example, have your kids bypassed the mat outside the front door and walked into the house with dirty boots creating dirt stains on your floors surface? But, kids aren’t the only culprits. Time and time again, we hear stories of tradies coming back from work and bringing some grease with them, which is left all over the floor. Don’t worry, these stains are reversible. However, you will need to act quickly.

    For natural resource stains that have appeared from things such as soil, mud, oil, or grease, we recommend using bi-carb soda. Apply the bicarb soda to the surface of the stain and give it time to absorb. Then come back to the stain with a vacuum to remove the bi-carb soda. Bear in mind, that this is a good solution when the stain in fresh. It may not work if the stain has been there for a while.

    If the bi-carb soda doesn’t work we recommend one of ChemDry’s at-home products. Try the Professional Strength Spot Remover or Oil and Grease Remover for your carpet stains caused by natural resources.

  2. Food & Beverage Stains
    It almost happens in slow motion. Watching food – such as a tomato sauce covered meatball – fly into the air and all over your perfect and recently cleaned carpets. Or, sometimes it happens it happens quick and out of nowhere. For example, when you are having a great time laughing and talking with your friends when someone knocks over a couple glasses of red wine all over your floor. You can’t control these accidents, but you can control what you do next.

    For food and beverage stains we, once again, recommend using bi-carb soda. Put it on the stain immediately and let it absorb. Then come around with a vacuum and clean it up. If this doesn’t seem to do the trick, try our Professional Strength Spot Remover. Pro Tip: keep a spare bottle of our cleaning formula or bi-carb soda in your car. You never know when someone is going to make a mess on the go.

  1. Chemical Stains
    In our experience, chemical stains can be quite nasty. They are often caused by things like nail polish, mascara, paint, or texta. To be honest, it is quite challenging and we do not recommend trying to get rid of these yourself.

    When dealing with these kinds of stains the most important thing for you to remember is time is precious. If you want to get rid of these stains completely and most effectively you will need to have work done on it within 2 days. Chemdry is happy to help you and can get moving on your stains quickly after you call. Our professionals have a lot of experience helping customers get rid of their carpet chemical stains.

  2. Pet/Human wee, Faeces or Vomit Stains

    These stains are never fun – well most stains aren’t fun unless you are a professional carpet cleaner. We definitely do not recommend trying to get rid of these stains on your own as they can contain a lot of bacteria that just cannot be fully extracted without the help of experts. There are risks to cleaning these stains on your own, as leaving this bacteria in your carpets can have adverse effects on the health of the people living in your household.

    However, if you need a product to keep at home between your carpet cleaning appointments look to our World Famous Pet Odour Remover. This formula works best for fresh and minor pet odours and stains. Plus, it has been independently tested and received a Green Certification.

Long-Term Maintenance

Along with removing dropped food and spilt drinks quickly, you can also maintain lovely-looking carpets that feel wonderful underfoot by keeping them free of dirt by vacuuming your carpets regularly. However, it isn’t only important to vacuum regularly, you must vacuum properly, because vacuuming too quickly or using the wrong settings on the vacuum cleaner won’t deliver an effective clean and may do more harm than good.

Is Your Vacuum Working Correctly?

Just because it makes a great deal of noise when you turn the vacuum cleaner on doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s working correctly. Before turning it on, check the bag to make sure it isn’t full and the head to ensure there’s nothing caught inside, as a vacuum cleaner with a full bag or blockages won’t deliver the suction power required to lift dirt from carpets.

After checking the bag, make sure the setting on the head is turned to carpets and not smooth floors, as this will also prevent it from operating at maximum capacity. And lastly, vacuum at the right speed, taking greater time with high-traffic areas, like entrances, to remove all the dirt that can scratch the fibres, dull the sheen and leave your carpets looking old before their time.

Indoor and Outdoor Mats

You don’t need both an indoor and an outdoor mat for the entrance areas of your home (front and back doors, etc.) but mats do keep carpets considerably cleaner. Mats not only keep dirt off your carpets, they also keep them drier, so if you’re not into taking your shoes off when you come indoors, buy a few doormats and enjoy better looking carpets for longer.

Removing spilt drinks and food quickly, vacuuming regularly and keeping dirt where it belongs – outside – with doormats at each entrance point empowers you to enjoy attractive, odour-free carpets that feel great underfoot. Nevertheless, sometimes stains can prove difficult to remove and when that happens, your best option is to call the best carpet cleaners in Perth – Chemdry Express.

With a highly-experienced team, state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment and a 24-hour service for emergencies, we deliver non-toxic stain removal solutions that are safe for pets and kids. Rely on Chemdry Express for all your carpet cleaning needs.