Tips for a Healthy Home

ChemDry’s Tips for a Healthy Home

There is no feeling like returning from work or school to a clean, pristine, and fresh-smelling home. However, just as how you commit time and effort into your work for it to pay off later, you have to put some effort into keeping your home clean so you can come home to it in tip-top shape.

Regardless of how your house looks, keeping it clean starts with the surfaces we use, like tables, countertops, sofas, beds, carpets, and hard floors. As we go about our day, we tend to leave dust, dirt, allergens, and bacteria on these surfaces. And even though we try to avoid doing so, up to 40% of the germs that are found in the home come from outside, introduced in through our clothes and shoes. As it stands right now, prevention isn’t better than the cure when it comes to home cleaning. So here are a few things you can do to keep your home safe and healthy.

Tip 1: Get rid of dust.

Dust is a combination of micro- and macroparticles from various sources that usually lands on and accumulates on surfaces around the house. These particles include dead skin cells, cloth fibres, hair, pollen, and more, and most of them can trigger allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to them. To really get rid of dust and the allergens it carries, dust surfaces around the house with a cloth wipe or some other implement, then capture the dust particles with a vacuum that has a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter. It’s recommended to do this at least once a week.

Tip 2: Avoid harsh cleaning products.

Bleach, ammonia, and muriatic acid are some of the most popular cleaning chemicals used in industrial and commercial applications, and because of their cleaning power, we are drawn to using them in our own homes. However, when we clean with harsh chemicals, they tend to seep into the cracks and pores of ceramic, granite, or marble – a few of the most common materials used for bathroom tiles, floors, and countertops.

Tip 3: Make use of ChemDry cleaning products and services for a deeper, safer clean.

ChemDry offers a wide range of cleaning products and services that cater to most if not every part of your home. Our professional cleaners can get rid of dirt, stains, grime, and bacteria on a variety of surfaces such as your sofas, chairs, carpets, rugs, and stone or tile walls and floors. And unlike other cleaning services, ChemDry uses a proprietary cleaning formula that uses all-natural ingredients, so it is non-toxic and completely safe for children and pets while still providing a deep, thorough clean.