Accidents Happens – We Can Help

Most homeowners and tenants have accidentally stained their carpets or furniture with coffee, wine or experienced water damage in some way, so we all know how difficult it can be to remove stains and restore damaged a carpet, rug or item of upholstered furniture to its former beauty.

At Chemdry, we’re not only Perth’s carpet dry cleaning specialists, we’re also IICRC qualified water damage restorers, so we know a thing or two about stains and water damage and how to restore stained or sopping wet carpets and items of furniture. Here’s how our services can help you.


Flooding and Water Damage

Whether a minor or major flooding incident, exposing carpets and items of upholstered furniture to water for extended periods can cause major damage. As part of our water damage restoration services for Perth clients, we use powerful suction tools to remove water from waterlogged items, drawing out the moisture and allowing both the interior and exterior to dry. Restoring furniture after a flooding incident doesn’t, however, only involve removing water and enabling the carpet, rug or item of furniture to dry, as it also involves stain removal.

Whether the source of the flood was internal (e.g. a leaking pipe or faulty dishwasher) or external (e.g. broken drain or widespread flooding), it’s likely that any items which have been soaked with water will also be stained. We use natural carpet cleaning products, such as The Natural®, which is a non-toxic hot water cleaning solution that uses a carbonation process to draw dirt and other substances to the surface where they’re whisked away by our powerful vacuuming tools.

While you could remove the furniture from the affected area and put it outside, allow the area to dry out and hire a steam cleaner, during the time that passes, stains would form. Moreover, steam cleaning isn’t anywhere as near as effective as the hot carbonation processes our carpet cleaning experts in Perth apply to carpets and other items damaged by water. Here’s a quick comparison:

  • Hot carbonation (Chemdry) delivers short drying times compared to the long drying times associated with hot water extraction (steam cleaning)
  • We use a low-pressure application which minimises the risk of causing further damage, whereas steam cleaning uses a high-pressure application
  • Our hot water cleaning solution uses less water, is pH neutral and doesn’t use the harsh chemicals required by steam cleaning processes

In addition to providing a more effective process to remove water and stains from waterlogged carpets and furniture, our expert carpet cleaners assist Perth clients by taking the best course of action to resolve the situation after flooding has occurred. As water damage is usually more extensive than what one can detect visually (water travels further on the underside of carpets and floor coverings than it does on the surface), it’s essential to have an IICRC qualified water damage restorer manage the situation.

We provide professional water damage restoration services to insurance companies and private clients in Perth, so we’ll not only manage the situation and provide effective post-flood solutions, but also assist you with your home insurance claim.

Food and Drink Stains

There are quite a few simple solutions that you can use to remove food and drink stains, provided that you act quickly. However, it’s often the case that some of the fluid or foodstuff remains and becomes more noticeable later, and then there are all those little stains that form without you knowing, preventing you from applying an effective stain removal solution immediately!

We provide professional carpet cleaning services across Perth to help you keep your carpets and furniture clean, hygienic and free of stains. By using the right tools and techniques, including natural stain removal products, we help to restore your carpet and furniture’s look and feel by removing soil and stains, and by drawing out dust and dirt that harms human health.

We can also help to protect furniture from staining by applying the effective and environmentally-friendly Chemdry PowerGuard protectant on items of upholstered furniture. This is a powerful upholstery fabric protection product that delivers maximum protection against wear and UV damage as well as food and drink spills. And for the carpets and rugs (as well as furniture with 100% synthetic upholstery), we offer our ScotchGuard protector which is also natural and effective.

Furthermore, we can also protect your carpet from dust mites and the many other allergens that inhabit your carpets by applying the Chemdry Express Anti-Allergen, an anti-allergen solution which contains powerful active ingredients that are naturally effective at eliminating dust-mites. If you’re cleaning your carpets and furniture to remove stains and protect against further staining, make the most of the opportunity to have them treated them with a powerful anti-allergen product.


Emergencies Happen – We’re Here to Help!

When a flooding incident occurs it’s crucial to act immediately. Paying attention to safety above all else (flooded environments can be very dangerous), locate and stop the flow of water, and then give Chemdry Express a call on 0401 404 001. It’s very important to switch off the mains electricity before entering the affected area and look for a means of stopping the flow before you do anything else to ensure there isn’t an electrical current in contact with water and prevent further damage. And then:

  • Remove what you can from the affected area. The more time that furniture and other items are in contact with water, the greater the damage that will occur.
  • Remove as much water as you can from the area affected by flooding. Depending on the location and the amount of water, you can use brooms, buckets and towels, etc.

With our rapid response times, experienced team and modern equipment, Chemdry’s water damage restoration services for Perth clients can help you to remove water from your home and restore your carpets, furniture and rugs. This service is available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to give our carpet cleaning and water damage experts a call if you’ve experienced flooding or water damage and need professional assistance to resolve the issue. Accidents happen – Chemdry is here to help.